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Grazedean supplies seven ranges of high quality bipolar forceps:

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Claris+ non stick bipolar forceps
NEW CLARIS+ round handled non stick bipolar forceps ideal for high precision work such as neurosurgery
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Claris non stick bipolar forceps picture and link
Titanium bipolar forceps link picture
Claris Non-stick standard design but non stick
Titanium Bipolar Forceps - low weight and ideal for use in areas with magnetic fields
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Standard bipolar forceps picture link
Irrigated bipolar forceps link picture
Standard high quality in a wide range of sizes
Irrigated Bipolar Forceps
TC forceps start link picture
Picture and link to Disposable forceps  
TC Bipolar Forceps
Disposable Bipolar Forceps
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NEW Claris+ non-stick bipolar forceps are of solid construction, not a coating, so the non-stick properties don't get removed with normal cleaning. The round handle allows for finer control of the rotation of the forceps - ideal for neurosurgery, as the forceps can be rotated with much reduced wrist movement.. The fine shafts also help the viewing angle and in difficult working areas.

Claris non-stick standard design are of solid construction, not a coating, so the non-stick properties don't get removed with normal cleaning.

Highly specialist Titanium forceps are exceptionally low weight instruments.

Irrigated forceps have an irrigating channel running down the length of an arm to allow the introduction of solutions to the operating site.

TC bipolar forceps offer a patterned tip to aid in the manipulation and gripping of the tissue and are ideal for large cauterisation ares.

All the reusable bipolar forceps are made in Germany, including our Standard bipolar forceps, which are made to a very high quality standard with a high precision finish and long life.

We also supply a range of disposable bipolar forceps, individually wrapped boxes of 10. Please use the picture links above to find your requirement or on the left.

A full range of bipolar cables are available to fit the bipolar forceps to your generator.

Additional information:

Bipolar forceps do not require an earthing plate / neutral electrode. The current travels down one arm of the forceps across / through the tissue that is to be cauterised and back up the other arm of the forceps. This results in lower powers generally being used in bipolar surgery than monopolar surgery.

The localisation of the power also makes it more appropriate for certain types of surgery where it might be awkward to offer a safe path to earth during monopolar surgery.

Bipolar forceps length is measured including the connector, unlike monopolar forceps where the length excludes the peg and is taken up to the shoulder of the forceps.

Bipolar forceps should only be used under the direct supervision of a trained and qualified medical professional.

You are: home > bipolar forceps

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