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Precise coagulation, more powerful grasping, better cutting and more exact work.

The POWERGRIP active opening and closing bipolar laparoscopy instrument.

The POWERGRIP is a bipolar laparoscopy instrument used for grasping, cutting and bipolar coagulation in Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is characterised by a newly developed mechanism enabling precise opening and closing of the jaws with very high pressure while grasping and cutting. This is accompanied by precise coagulation of the tissue. The jaws are not moved in the customary way by spring power, but by means of a double hinge which is connected electrically and mechanically to the handle by a slide rod.

This principle allows extended application of minimally invasive bipolar coagulation, and represents precision mechanics in the truest sense of the word!

The connector for standardised bipolar cables is integrated in the particularly ergonomic handle made of high quality PEEK polymer. This saves the purchase of expensive special cables and prevents them from being connected incorrectly. We supply standard bipolar cables for connection to practically all common high-frequency bipolar generators.

Beyond that, the POWERGRIP offers a number of other important advantages:

● Exchangeable electrode inserts for different applications

● Easy handling

● Excellent cleaning and ease of repair

Available electrodes:

Bipolar laparoscopy Dissector Maryland Bipolar laparoscopy Scissors Bipolar laparoscopy Grasping Forceps
Bipolar Laparoscopy Maryland dissector Bipolar laparoscopy scissors bipolar laparoscopy forceps grasping forceps
94P-82400019 94P-82400018 94P-82400010
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Bipolar laparoscopy Delta Grasper Bipolar laparoscopy Grasping Forceps Curved Bipolar laparoscopy Forceps Delicate Curved
Bipolar laparoscopy delta grasper Bipolar laparoscopy grasping forceps curved Bipolar laparoscopy forceps delicate curved
94P-82400014 94P-82400015 94P-82400011
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  Bipolar laparoscopy Claw Forceps  
  Bipolar laparoscopy Powergrip Claw forceps  

Quick exchange of electrode inserts

The different inserts can be exchanged in a few seconds: The electrode is screwed into the shaft, inserted in the handle and locked in place by means of a click-stop. At the same time the connection to the integrated electric connector is established.

Complete unit showing 360 degree rotation

The star-shaped wheelon the shaft allows the electrode insert to be rotated 360° with the forefinger. This ensures that the instrument jaw can be adjusted accurately to the desired position. The fact that the position of the jaw is maintained when either open or closed ensures precise work when dissecting, cutting, grasping and coagulating.

Hygiene and economic efficiency

The POWERGRIP can be separated into 3 parts, enabling thorough and reliable cleaning, and facilitates the execution of repair work or replacement of damaged parts.

Powergrip bipolar laparoscopy handle separatede for cleaning


POWERGRIP part numbers
Description Part number
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Handle 94P-82410001
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Shaft 34cm 94P-82410034
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Large grasping forceps 34cm 94P-82400010
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Delicate forceps curved 34cm 94P-82400011
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Claw forceps 34cm 94P-82400012
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Delta Grasper 34cm 94P-82400014
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Grasping forceps curved 34cm 94P-82400015
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Scissors curved 34cm 94P-82400018
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Dissector Maryland 34cm 94P-82400019


Bipolar cables for POWERGRIP 3m 5m
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2x 4mm pins 2 x 4mm pins to Powergrip canble 20-80100010 20-80100013
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Old Downs / Erbe style to flat plug Erbe connector / downs to Powergrip cable 20-80100017 20-80100018
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Aesculap / Martin style to flat plug Martin to Powergrip connector 20-80100019 20-80100020
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2 x 4mm pins in block to flat plug Block fitting to Powergrip cable connector 20-80100021 20-80100022
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Codman / CC II to flat plug Codman to Powergrip connector 20-80100041 20-80100040
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