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Bipolar Forceps - Standard

These high quality, German manufactured and branded bipolar forceps are available in many tip sizes and forms. They are CE marked and are able to withstand multiple cleaning cycles.

Standard bipolar forcep lengths are: Micro, 110mm (jeweller), 150mm to 300mm. Other lengths available on request. See below for links.

McPherson Micro Bipolar Forceps Jeweller Straight
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Angled Tip Bayonet style Bipolar forceps homepage

Tip sizes available are 0.25, 0.3, 0.6, 1 and 2mm:

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Forceps 0.25mm tip. Forceps 0.3mm tip.
0.25mm 0.3mm
Forceps 0.6mm tip. Forceps 1mm tip.
0.6mm 1mm
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C.E. marked
137 autoclave symbol95 degree wash symbol

Long life insulation

Range of tip sizes and lengths

Straight, angled and bayonet styles available

European block fitting or 2 pin American style fitting

High quality German steel and brand

A full range of bipolar cables are available to fit the bipolar forceps to your generator.

You are: home > bipolar forceps

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