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Microdome 2mm Bipolar Coagulation MIS instrument

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Xenon, halogen and LED light sources for all medical and surgical disciplines

Handlamp for endoscopes
A new hand held LED lamp is also available that connects directly to the scope for office use. Click on picture for more information.
Lightsources stacked for image

The light source range is made up of the halogen, powerful Xenon range and now LED lightsources. Two options are now available the LED 1000 and LED 3000, running at a much lower temperatures and having an extended bulb lifetime increase their attractiveness to purchasers. The halogen range produces a good quality of light (3600°K) which are suitable for the needs of the general practitioner and basic surgery requirements.

The Xenon range is for the high end requirement where pure light quality is important. The Xenon discharge lamps burn at 5600°K and are ideally suited to camera work producing a large quantity of pure white light, which is vital in distinguishing colour variations in operations.

Links to light sources pages:

Halogen light sources Xenon light sources Xenon with LED backup lightsource
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Xenon compact light source LED light source LED Hand Held Portable light source

As a comparison of power between Halogen and Xenon here is a rough guide to their respective Lux outputs:

Power Halogen Xenon
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150 Watt 25,000 lux -
100 Watt - 70,000 lux
180 Watt - 100,000 lux
300 Watt - 200,000 lux

As can be seen the light output of the Xenon light sources is far greater than that of the Halogen range.

You are: home >medical light souces

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