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LED Headlight for medical use


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Illumination of 150 mm Ø at a working distance of 250 mm
The optical head is adjustable axially from 90° to 180° and radially adjustable from 45° to 90° and height adjustable from 10 mm - 30 mm when fitted to headset
Very low weight (only 130 grams including optics but excluding power pack) so comfortable to wear
"EASY CLICK” method adjusts the head piece quickly and maintains its position for next use
Wire can be routed centrally or either side of headband
Power consumption by the LED of only 3 watts*
LED brightness of 28,000* lux and a colour temperature of 6000 ° K
Useful life of 2 hours at maximum power
Variable light output controlled by push buttons on power pack
Remaining charge shown on power pack
Power pack charge time of approximately 2 hours
Suitable for use with magnifying glasses
Interchangeable (without tools) from headset to glasses attachment
*Specifications subject to change as technical advancements progress

Part number 30-42847-10

Please contact us if you would like to try this device before you purchase. Tel: 01202 581645.

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